Can your insurance go after someone that bruised your car and get your deductible back?

Can your insurance go after someone that bruised your car and get your deductible back?Yes. If someone hits your vehicle and the insurance company pays for the damages, they will go after the person who was at fault for the damages paid and after they collect all the money paid out they will reimburse you for the deductible that you paid when the vehicle was repaired. The damages were paid under your uninsured motorists coverage which has at least a $250 deductible for property harm so when all the damages are recovered from the person, that will include the deductible and you will get a check back for that amount.

Who is responsible for the damages if someone without a license drives your insured car and wrecks it?

You are both responsible. You are responsible because you are the holder and you should make sure that anyone who drivers your car is legal. Also the person who drove without a license is responsible because they didnt have a license which is illegal, and they dont have insurance, which is illegal. You may be the person they go after and you may find yourself having to sue the other person. ResponseYour policy will very likely not cover the event. Check in with your insurance agent.

Do you contact the at-fault person’s insurance or does your agent and if your insurance pays for your damages does his have to pay the deductible?

Fairly often, when the other carrier has accepted liability but you have had your damages taken care of by your own carrier, the at-fault carrier will agree to send you your deductible. Any of you can call the at-fault carrier and request this, however they’ll need proof from your own carrier as to what the deductible is. If, however, there’s a liability dispute inbetween your two carriers, you’ll have to wait until your carrier subrogates and/or arbitrates the other carrier. All this means is that your carrier will ask for their money back, including your deductible, and if the other carrier declines, your carrier will initiate arbitration. Your carrier may or may not win; if they do, they get their money back and can send you your deductible.

If someone hits your parked car does their insurance company pay and do you still pay your deductible?

If you determine to go through your carrier — and assuming your policy doesn’t have a provision for waiving your deductible under these circumstances — then, yes, you’ll have to pay your deductible. Your carrier will then pursue the at-fault party for all monies paid, including your deductible. Keep in mind that applying your deductible has nothing to do with liability. It doesn’t matter if your car was parked and unoccupied, or if you were rear-ended. Rather, the deductible is the portion you agreed to pay in the event of ANY loss, regardless of liability. If the at-fault carrier agrees to pay for the damages (which they should, given the facts-of-loss), then you’re correct: You wouldn’t pay your deductible. Your deductible applies only if you’re going through your own carrier, and even then, the at-fault party still owes for ALL the damages. By avoiding your own carrier, you shouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for any of the damages. Also, if you do determine to go through your own carrier, they might waive your deductible if they confirm that the at-fault driver has active insurance, and if they confirm that the other carrier is willing to pay. A private practice: When I called my insurance company about this, they told me that if the at-fault person’s insurance company (I’m assuming they’re at fault since they hit a parked car) assumes liability (again, since they’re most likely liable) they’ll cover the damages and I won’t have the pay the deductible. Did I hear this wrong? Also, I live in Pennsylvania, and from what I hear our insurance laws are a little goofy.

In a three car accident with one influence from the last car is that car’s insurance only responsible for the damages to the back of the middle car?

If with “one influence from the last car” you mean that the rear car hit the middle car and then the middle car, as a result, hit the front car, the rear car’s insurance would be responsible for all damages. If the middle car very first hit the front car and then the rear car hit the middle care, the rear car’s insurance would only be responsible for the damages to the middle car. i.e. where was the very first influence?

If the deductible is more than the harm do you have to go through your insurance company if you have a minor accident?

Only if there were another vehicle involved. If for example you back into a tree you wouldn’t want to make a claim, unless the harm exceeded the deductible. Perhaps not even then.

If you hit someone and his or her car is bruised but not yours do you still have to pay your deductible?

It varies from state to state .
Albeit laws differ from state to state — there are no-fault states, tort states, and hybrids — this is the basic idea:.
Since we assume you are the at-fault driver, your liability insurance — the property-damage portion — will cover the cost of repairing the harm to his car. If there is a deductible, you will have to eat that. That’s what deductibles are all about. But I’m not aware of deductibles associated with liability insurance. Usually deductibles are associated with collision insurance and comprehensive insurance..
If you live in a no-fault state like Fresh York, things may be slightly different. In Fresh York, the other stud’s insurance will pay to fix the harm to his car, less the deductible. But he won’t have to eat that if you were the at-fault driver. YOUR insurance will pay his deductible.

How much will your insurance go up if you only bruised your own car?

Go ahead and get it motionless. If there is a $500 deductible and only paint was scraped I doubt your premium will increase at all especially if there was no two party claim. I have to disagree with the previous reaction. Having beeen with AAA for over Ten years having no tickets, accidents or claims I recently called for the very first time about having to file a claim. The previous weekend I bruised my own vehicle while out camping and while there were no other cars, people or harm involved other then to my own vehicle. I was shocked when they told me that they will automatically be raising my premium $429.00 a year. This after over Ten years having multipile vehicles insured and also my homeowners policy. Unnecessary to say I will be shopping around for another carrier.

How much will your car insurance go up if you harm someone else’s car?

It indeed depends on the amount of harm, your past driving record, any extenuating circumstances (like driving under the influence), etc. If it’s a minor accident, you may never see a rate increase, tho’ your carrier will have a record of the accident and might consider it if, say, you make another claim. Also, if you received a ticket for the accident, that could affect your rates as well. Your best bet is to call your agent and ask him or her. Your agent might not be able to give you a specific increase amount until your actual renewal, but it’s worth a shot.

What if someone else drove your car caused harm only to your car can you ask him to claim the harm on his insurance?

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The car’s insurance would kick in very first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.

If someone drives your car with your permission and has an accident who should pay for the items not covered by your insurance such as deductible and alternate transportation etc?

Response .
That is inbetween you and your friend and how much you want to remain friends with this person. This question might be better suited for Dr. Phil or Oprah.

What if you drove another friends car and while backing up you cause slight harm to the drivers side of the car Who is responsible your deductible is 1000 and the estimates are 842?

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The insurance goes after the VEHICLE not the driver. The coverage that is on the vehicle will apply. IF the harm is under the deductible…this may want to be paid out of pocket. Who should take responsibility…well, that can be argued, but usually a friend dhould suggest to pay the damages as they did the harm..
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YOU caused the harm, YOU are responsible to pay to fix it, out of your OWN poocket. It is called being a “ADULT” and taking responsibility for your own deeds.

If you backed your own car into your other car and both suffered harm how will your deductibles and fault be applied and will this likely increase your rate on one car?

Normally both these vehicles would be on the same inscuance policy. If this is the case, usually the Insurance Company will only have one deductible. With any accident there is a chance that there can be an increase. This would be considered At Fault. It is also possible that your policy has a clause which EXCLUDES a collision inbetween two vehicles on the same policy. The person who was driving will be considered at fault for the harm to both vehicles. The collision deductible on the car that was moving would apply to the harm on that vehicle and there would not be a deductible for the harm to the parked vehicle. Rate increases will depend on many variables and will be determined by your individual insurance company’s policy.

Can your insurance go after someone that bruised your car and get your deductible back?

What happens if someone hit your car while backing up and you were passing and they hit your driver’s side and some harm was done to your vehicle and both cars are insured?

Response .
In most parts of North America the driver reversing out of a parking stall is responsible for ensuring the way is clear and it is safe to proceed. But you should check with your local authorities on the subject. (i.e. Insurance provider or Licensing Office)

Are you responsible for the deductible on the insurance of the car you hit if you do not have insurance?

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If you were legally at fault, you are responsible to pay all damages to other vehicle. Even if you pay the other persons deductible, that insurance co. will come after you for total amount. The person that you gave the money to for their deductible will then have to give some of that back to insurance co., if they find out that deductible was given to him (her) by you.

If someone hit your car while it was parked and left their insurance information will your insurance be affected if you go ahead and claim for the damages?

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I don’t know! Im looking for the reaction.

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Will a insurance company pay for the damages done to your car by someone who stole it?

Yes .
Insurance is supposed to come back the car to the condition it was before it was stolen.

Your car was parked and hit by someone their insurance will cover it will your insurance go up?

No because they will only give you 25%, not even enough to buy a fresh bondage mask! my car was parked and hit from behind and severly bruised the right quarter panel and more should i be worried about after effects from this backend harm

What harm does car insurance cover?

Car insurance is too broad to define what is covered and what is excluded. There are different options and coverages that cover different things. Some cover your car itself and will pay to repair your car; this is known as Comp and Collision. Some coverages protect you from being sued; these are Bodily Injury liability and Property Harm liability. Some coverages will pay for your injuries; these are Private Injury Protection and/or Medical Payments coverage. Do you want to be protected from someone hitting you, injuring your family, and not having any insurance? If so, you will want Uninsured Motorist coverage. Talk to your local insurance agent and have them go over all the different coverages and how they work and what they cover. It’s best to know this before an accident and not after. After will be too late.

What happens if you hit someone from the back your car has no harm but the other car has slight harm and the police were not called?

As the shunter, it is assumed, in normal circumstances, that you are at fault. Either suggest to pay for the repair yourself, or exchange insurance details and let your companies sort it out. Sometimes it’s cheaper in the long-run to pay for the harm repair and protect your insurance record. If, however, the shuntee wishes to go the insurance route, you have no choice but to agree

Will my insurance rates go up if I rear end someone and only my car is bruised and I make a claim to my insurance company to fix it?

Very likely yes. This is especially true since you are at-fault for the accident. (meaning you caused the accident). Some insurance companies prize loyalty and may have “accident forgiveness” program if you have been a long time customer with them.

If someone has a car accident and does not have insurance how is the other motorist compensated for damages?

Your insurance policy most likely has a clause that protects you up to a certin amount if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver..
You can also hire a lawer and sue the other driver for any damages (along with lawer and court fees).

What should your Deductible for car insurance be?

Well the higher your deductible, the lower your insurance premium will be. However, your deductible should be something you can afford in case of a loss.

If you have a lapse in insurance and someone backs into you is their insurance still liable for damages?

If your state requires your legally registered vehicle to be insured at all times, your lack of insurance MAY be of some interest to law enforcement. HOWEVER – if the other party’s vehicle struck your vehicle then THEIR insurance is liable of the damages. It makes no difference whether or not your insurance was in effect at the time, or not.

Who is liable for car A’s deductible if both car A and B are insured and A rear completes B and lies that they were hit and run by car C but car B has no harm?

Car c is liable for both cars .
but if you don’t know the license plate blame car d

If you hit a parked car and the harm is over your deductible how does that work?

If you hit a parked car, the deductible applies to your vehicle, not the parked car. The other vehicle is covered by your liability coverage and there is no deductible linked. You pay the deductible on the repairs to your vehicle, usually to the shop after the work is ended, the insurance company treats the balance directly.

Can your insurance go after someone that bruised your car and get your deductible back?

Can you get your deductible back when your auto insurance is subrogating?

Yes. In many cases your insurance company may waive your deductible if the third party’s insurance company accepts liability.

If you only have liability insurance and someone hits your car and leaves should your insurance cover the damages done to your car?

No. Physical Harm coverage to your own vehicle would be covered in this example if you purchased the coverage, but liability only would not repair the damages.

Who pays the deductible if someone hits your car?

The identified third party at fault is responsible for paying the deductible in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

If someone is driving your car and is not on your insurance and they get into an accident while they are buzzed is harm covered to your car?

It will depend on the policy, but most policies are legally roped to insure anyone that drives an insured car (as the policy covers both you and your car).

If someone borrows your car and total loss it will the insurance company pay for damages?

Yes. Collision coverage pays for harm to your vehicle, minus the deductible, regardless of who is driving it. Also, if you loan your vehicle to someone they are considered a permissive driver and you are liable for harm they cause in your vehicle even if they have their own insurance. Insurance always applies to the car not the driver.

Does my USAA auto deductible collision and or comprehensive policy cover damages from someones pushing my car with her car with my permission?

Idiot! Why do you think I asked the question? Do you think I would have spent the last three hours attempting to have you & your totally incompetent staff provide an response locally or beyond for me, had I had known the response? Refer yourself(ves) to the nearest mental institution or brain transplant hospital! BUT 1ST Reaction THE QUESTION! or refer it outside for an response.

If someone hits your car will your insurance rates go up?

That is a state specific & even worse a company specific question. Most cases no but, again, very specific with state & company.

If someone throws a rock at and damages your car is this covered by comprehensive or collision insurance?

Neither. A rock hitting you’re car is a minor harm and isn’t treated by insurance companies. If a grown person does it you could file vandalism and request the money for repairs. If it is a minor, 4-12, the harm stays and you indeed can’t do much about it.

If you wreck someone else’s car and that person’s auto insurance covers the damages can the car possessor still sue you for damages to their car after the accident?

Generally, if the vehicle is totalled as a result of the collision and the possessor had collision coverage, the insurer will pay to the proprietor the actual cash value of the vehicle as of the time of the loss. This usually equates to the value of a car of like kind and quality (including mileage, accessories and condition) as of the time of the collision. Because of its payment to its insured, the insurer becomes “subrogated” to the right of activity of its insured so that it can attempt to get its money back from you. You will have the same defenses against the insurer as you would have had against the other driver (for example, that the other driver was partially or entirely at fault for the collision). The subrogation activity that the insurer files often includes a claim for the insured’s deductible, but it may not. If it does, the insured cannot again make a claim for it; if it does not, the other driver can file suit against you for the deductible and other unreimbursed expenses that he/she may have incurred and that were proximately caused by the collision. Further, if the person is injured and if the injuries are of a type that permits him/her to file suit (usually defined in terms of seriousness), you can be sued for bodily injury damages. Your liability insurer has the obligation to defend you by providing an attorney at its expense and paying amounts for which you are found legally liable up to the thresholds available under the insurance policy. This is also true with regard to a property harm claim. If a judgment is entered against you and remains unpaid, there can be implications for your credit. Additionally, under the Financial Responsibility Law of many states, if a judgment from an auto collision remains unpaid for a stated period of time, your driver’s license and tags may be suspended until payment arrangements have been made. You may also be required to obtain and maintain a special form of high-risk liability insurance (sometimes referred to as an SR-22) for a period of time, but this depends upon State law.

Who do pay your car insurance deductible to?

Your deductible only gets paid in the event of a claim. For example, you tap a light pole in the mall parking lot. The pole is ok but your car is bruised. If you have comprehensive coverage on your car, your insurance company will pay a claim to have it repaired. So, you get a bod shop who says it will cost $1,400 to fit it. If your deductible is, say, $500.00, your insurance company cuts a check to the bod shop for $900.00 which is the difference inbetween the harm repair bill and the deductible. Thus, you must come up with the $500.00 amount.

What if i hit someone with my car and i have no insurance and can not afford to pay for damages to other car?

then you should be prosecuted and your car taken off you. Its scum like you that have us all paying higher premiums!

Can you go to jail for stealing someones car insurance?

I don’t see how it is possible to go to jail. The policy truly has no cash value and I can almost promise you that you can’t find a police officer to take that report.

Can your insurance go after someone that bruised your car and get your deductible back?

Do you pay a deductible if a falling tree damages your car?

YES! But be warned it depends on what type of coverage you have. Some insurance companies will call that an “act of god” and turn down the claim even if you have utter coverage, so you have to READ THE FINE PRINT.

Does your car insurance go up when someone backs into your car when your not in it?

Normally this would not cause an insurance policy to increase, but it is possible. Every insurance company is different and have different rates. You should check with your insurance company directly and ask. Not at fault accidents can effect the price of a policy when the policy is fresh business with a company.

Do you have to pay a deductible if you hit an animal and harm your car?

Yes you do. It is still considered an accident and it will affect your payments as well.

My son harm someones car on the street with his bike can i get my car insurance to pay for it?

I assume that you mean his bicycle and not a motorcycle or motor scooter. If you mean bicycle the response is no, your auto policy will not cover the harm to the other persons vehicle. Your homeowners insurance may have coverage that would take care of this type of harm. I would recommend that find out what it will take to repair the harm and attempt to pay for it yourself without having to make a claim on your homeowners insurance. You want to attempt to not make puny claims on your insurance if at all possible.

Can you get car insurance on a hail bruised car?

Sure. You can buy liability insurance on the car but I doubt if the insurance company would sell you a policy with physical harm coverage. Most insurance companies would require you to have the vehicle repaired before permitting you to have physical harm coverage. You would have to have it investigated and photographed by the agent. As long as you have comprehensive coverage, most auto insurance companies would cover for hail harm. However, check your policy to make sure that there’s hail harm is not excluded. Be ready for hikes in premiums however; when an area has a lot of claims, the rates there tend to rise.

Where can someone go to find information on Triple A car insurance?

Triple A car insurance is suggested by the Automobile Association of America, and information can be found on the AAA website. Extra information on AAA car insurance, including advantages and disadvantages, can be found on the CarsDirect website.

Where can someone go to have car harm repaired?

People can go to many different car repair shops to get a car repaired after an accident or when a tire goes vapid. Some of the most trusted include: Goodyear and Firestone. Most car manufacturing companies also have their own car repair shops.

Where can someone go to look for competitive car insurance rates?

There are many different car insurance companies where you can get competitive rates. A few of these companies include Progressive Car Insurance, Geico Auto Insurance, and State Farm Insurance.

Where can someone go to search for car insurance?

There are a myriad of places on the internet to look for car insurance. Progressive will give you their quote and quotes of up to Five of their competitors, so they might be the very first one to look at. You can also look in your local yellow pages and call some local companies to find a good deal over the phone.

What are the best deductibles to pay on car insurance?

It is hard to say the best deductible to pay for car insurance since it will vary by person. It depends on how much a person could afford to pay out of pocket if they get into a pocket, and if a person thinks that they would get into accidents often.

If someone hits your parked car does your insurance go up?

In most cases it would not go up. However, some insurance companies give a discount for having no claims and in that case any claim at all would make you liberate the discount.

Can an insurance company come after me for car repair damages caused by my son hopping on a car if I pay the victims deductible?

Absolutely. Not only are you legally liable for the amount of the damages but by paying the deductible you basically admitted your liability. When you agree to pay and you will agree to pay make sure you let them know that you paid the person for their deductible so you can get credit for that amount as long as the other party does not deny that you paid them.

What is dual deductible in car insurance?

I’m not sure what you are talking about. The only place where I can think that you may incur two deductibles is a situation where you back into your own vehicle. This could cause you to have two deductibles, one for each car. Often times, companies will waive one of the deductibles in this case. Damages cannot be paid under liability coverage because you can’t be liable to yourself. In a situation where you back into someone else’s vehicle, you liability would pay for their cars damages and your physical harm will pay for your harm to your car. If you hit another vehicle that you own, since you can’t be liable to yourself, liability doesn’t come into play at all, so harm on each car is paid under physical harm on each one as long as you have this coverage on both vehicles. In this case you normally would have to pay a deductible on each car but most companies waive the lowest deductible so that you only have one, and they also only charge the accident against one vehicle.

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