If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?

If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?It truly depends how often you do this. Usually a regular private policy should cover this. Just make sure the all people in your household are listed.

If someone buys non-owner auto insurance because of an SR22 whose vehicle may they legally drive?

Non Owners Auto Insurance CoverageNon-Owners Insurance permits you to drive non possessed vehicles with some exceptions. Non owners Insurance will Not cover you in any vehicle that belongs to a member of your household nor any vehicle to which you have regular access. It will also not cover you in a rental car or any type of commercial or company vehicle at all, possessed or non-owned. Non Owners Policies are Individual Lines insurance designed for unplanned and unexpected vehicle use by an occasional driver. Non owners auto insurance is drivers policy and is secondary coverage to any insurance carried by the vehicle holder.

Do you need extra insurance coverage if you drive a private vehicle for business?

Most private auto insurance policies will exclude business use of your individual auto. So the reaction is you most likely will need a separate business auto policy if you are using your auto for business. There are a few exceptions to this. Some individual auto insurance policies do have a business use class that was intended for the accountant, lawyer, counsultant type who drives from client to client all day long. Or possibly even a real estate agent might find coverage on the individual auto policy. Each insurance company has different rules on what types of “business use” they will tolerate. The best thing to do is call your agent and discuss the possibilites with him/her. And I always recommend, the best place to be is an independent agent. Independant agents have access to several insurance companies and can shop your insurance for you to find the best fit for your needs.

Do do you need commercial insurance on the vehicle you drive as a pilot car?

No. You can not. Individual auto insurance policies state veryplainly that the policy does not cover you if you are involved in acommercial enterprise. Additionally, in many states if you arefound to be operating pilot car without the required minimum of$1,000,000 coverage you can face thousands of dollars in fines andpossible jail sentences with fresh and upcoming legislation..
In some states, if you are operating as a pilot car you areresponsible for damages. If you are escorting a high explosion and thatload hits a bridge, you are the one responsible to bear the cost ofrepairs. If there is an accident that results in death or injury,you are the one who may be held responsible. Case in point: anaccident in Washington a while back resulted in a bridge collapseand deaths. In operator had a $Trio million dollar judgment againsther. Other lawsuits resulting in that are pending. .
A commercial auto insurance policy is not even enough for theprofessional oversize geyser industry. The commercial auto policycovers only the auto. You also need a GL and PL policy in theamount of $1,000,000 each to have minimum coverage. .
Expect to be paying at least $Four,000 a year for insurance with aspotless driving record and more if you are needing insurance forhigh pole, route survey, or other specialized services. Expect tobe paying more if your vehicle is financed and much more if youhave any moving violations. .
(I am a professional Oversize Stream Escort – Pilot CarOwner/Operator.)

What type of insurance do you need in Wisconsin to do vehicle repossession work?

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Not sure if Wisconsin requires any special type of insurance, however, most states do have a minimum required limit. Check with your state department of public safety. Also, many lenders won’t use you unless you have $1,000,000.00 plus insurance, $1,000,000.00 plus professional liability (wrongful repo insurance). It is NOT a cheap business to get into.

If you have total coverage auto insurance and you harm another vehicle and not yours do you have to pay a deductible?

Response .
It is the liability portion of your auto policy that pays for the harm to another vehicle that you hit. There is no deductible to fix the other car.

If your primary vehicle is a corporate car supplied by your work do you need private auto insurance ie does the company policy cover you only when driving that car or on all vehicles?

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I would assume that the company policy only covers the company car. You still need at least liability coverage for any other car that you own and want to drive. If by chance you don’t own another vehicle I can still think of reasons that you might want a non-owners policy. This would protect you in the event that you drive someone else’s vehicle that is uninsured and you cause an accident.

If your auto insurance permits you to drive other people’s vehicles do the other cars still need their own insurance for you to be covered?

Albeit your own auto insurance may very well go after you to a loaner vehicle. It only goes after you as “Secondary” coverage. It is still the vehicle owners responsibility to provide “Primary” coverage for his or her vehicle when that vehicle is being operated on public roads regardless of who is driving it. Additionally, If an officer runs the license plate of the loaner vehicle you are driving and finds that it is uninsured. The driver will be ticketed. It is not the officers responsibility to determine if your coverage from your own vehicle transfers to the one you are driving. You could always argue that in court at a later time if you wish in your defense. If an at fault accident were to occur, Both the driver and the vehicle holder can be held financially liable for any damages or injuries that may occur, so the possessor must still have the vehicle insured to cover his or her own liabilities even however they may not have been driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Reminisce that it is the vehicle owners responsibility to provide “primary” coverage for the vehicle. ReactionIn all likelihood, yes, the car does need to be insured. This is because the vehicle in question would have to be decently registered in order to do this it must be decently insured. That being said, the possessor of the vehicle can buy insurance just to cover the car while it’s parked. Dual check with your insurance company. It is likely to cover the car while you, the insured, are driving it.

What do you do if your auto insurance rejects to pay to fully fix vehicle after an accident?

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Trio choices1. Accept what they are suggesting..
2. Attempt to negotiate by getting estimates on your own and demonstrating that their suggest is too low..

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3. (after attempting Two) File a lawsuit or a complaint to the state Insurance Commissioner against your carrier.

When someone backs into you while pulling into a spot on a private property and does not get a ticket whose insurance will pay for the harm on the vehicle pulling in?

Backing Into Cars .
Based on your description the car that backed into the other car should pay for the damages. You can’t get a ticket for backing into someone’s car unless they were either inebriated or had no license, both instances in which police should be summoned.

Do you need auto insurance when you have a G2 license and you are driving your parents auto?

yes, and if you are put as an occasional driver on their car it’s cheaper.

What happens if a person insures a vehicle for someone else and they have an accident and or are not licensed to drive the vehicle?

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The person who deceived the Insurance Company and fraudulently insured a vehicle for someone else who truly does not even have a drivers license is criminally guilty of Insurance Fraud. A Felony Offense. We can only hope this person will be sent to jail. .
The person who was driving the vehicle without a valid drivers license was likely an accomplice to the Fraud so Lets hope he goes to jail also. .
The Victims of this type of crime is the other motorist who the criminal hit and also the Insurance Company is a Victim. So we can only hope that they will seek prosecution of both parties to the fullest extent of the law.

If you have auto insurance get into an accident while driving someone elses vehicle will you be covered by your insurance?

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You should instantly report the accident both to your own insurance company and to the vehicle possessor’s insurance company. Depending upon which state you are in, either one or both insurance companies is responsible.

If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?

Will liability insurance pay for company property in a private vehicle if the vehicle is ruined by fire?

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usually no, but your homeowners MAY, and your employers might as well….most auto policys specifically exclude any and all individual property, and homeowners (under individual property coverage) will exclude some property ‘while in or upon a land motor vehicle’…..then there is another twist because it is ‘company property’ …. i’d file the claim with all, but would bet that none on auto, might have some minor coverage, (with a limit) on your home owners or renters policy, but may need a denial under your employers coverage very first before they can pay…… and should find coverage with your employer……..

Who pays when there is an accident involving a vehicle that is insured by someone other than the holder of the vehicle?

Response .

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Insurance stays with the vehicle, barring any policly exclusions to the contrary, the insurance that covers the vehicle covers that vehicles deeds. If you permit someone to drive your vehicle and they have an accident that is their fault your insurance will be the one that takes care of the damages.

Can you be sued in an auto accident when the vehicle you drive is insured but you?

You can be sued but your real concern is most likely how far your insurance company will support this. The insurance company has a limited liability and will fight to protect that, which in turn will help to protect you up to the limit of your insurance.

Will your insurance pay if someone wrecks your car and they do not have a licence but you let them drive your auto anyway.?

Response .
Most large company’s do, as long as the person driving was @ least 25, even if they where determined after investigating, to be @ fault.

Do you need auto insurance to drive a car possessed by someone else if you don’t own a car?

Response .
yes, not for the car but for yourself. you will not be insured on their car however if you crash it.

Can you get auto insurance without a vehicle?

If you do not own a vehicle you can still purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed vehicles and rented vehicles. Named non-owners insurance is a policy for individuals who drive borrowed cars and have a need for liability insurance. If you are required to provide an SR-22 to the DMV to keep your driving privilege and do not own a vehicle, named non-owners policies are the best solution. These policies will provide you with liability coverage in any car you do not own if you are found at fault for injuries or harm.

Do I need auto insurance driving to work periodically?

Yes. To drive on a public road even one foot without insurance is illegal. In the UK all insurance details are held centrally and so a police spot check can throw up an offender on their scanners within a 2nd of reading your number plate. In the US, Canada and Austraila/NZ, the offences and services are very similar..
Penalty can range from a powerful fine through to disqualification from driving.

Do you need auto insurance to drive your own car?

Yes. It’s as much for your protection as someone else’s. If you’re financing the car, the lender usually requires proof of insurance. The state also requires proof of insurance when you renew your license plate tabs or submit the car for inspection (whichever your state requires)..
Most states have a minimum level of coverage that’s required that is pretty affordable.

Can you have auto insurance with someone else’s vehicle?

Yes, state farm is covered to all licensed drivers under Eighteen. It does not matter whether the person is the possessor of the car, but if the car itself has insurance in the name of someone in the family of the holder. If it is a student driver the driver must have finished their written test.(permit)

Should cops truly arrest someone who is driving a vehicle without no vehicle insurance?

think about it if you had a nice rail and someone without insurace would hit you and possibly total your nice rail,you would be stuck,he wouldn’t have insurance to substitute your vehicle and your insurance will jack your rates up,or may not even substitute your vehicle,so yes they should arrest someone without insurance.one more thing,what if that unisured driver would hit and kill someone

Do you need vehicle insurance to drive a scooter or moped on the street?

any scooter or moped that is over 50cc requires insurance. if it is under 50cc, it is recommended by some that you get insurance but that would be a waste and is not necessary. it depends on your feelings about it tho’. CORRECTION: Any scooter that Equal to, OR Less than 50cc, does not require a license nor insurance in most states.

Do you need insurance on a vehicle you can not drive?

Yes you would need insurance on a vehicle you can not drive cause what if there was a storm and a tree fell on it and it had truly bad damages than what would you do.

If you are driving someone else’s car does your liability insurance pay repairs to the vehicle you are driving?

No, liability insurance is when there are injuries involved. If you are injured in an accident when someone else is driving your car, your liability insurance would cover your medical costs. Comprehensive and collision insurance on the car you were driving should pay for damages to the vehicle.

If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?

Do they issue insurance to someone who doesn’t own the vehicle they are driving?

You can obtain anamed non-ownerpolicy. It covers your legalliabilitytoward someone else if you injure them or harm another vehicle. The vehicle holder would need to maintainphysical harmcoverage to protect their car.

Can you drive someone elses vehicle in California if you’re not on the insurance?

This is not a state specific question. If you are given permission, then you are covered. Note: you can only drive a rental vehicle if your name is on the rental agreement.

What type of auto insurance do you need?

You must purchase the minimum state liability boundaries required by law. Anything else is optional.

What type of auto insurance covers the driver no matter what vehicle they are driving?

There is no Such Auto Insurance Policy. You would need a Primary Auto Insurance Policy on your own Vehicle and then an linked Umbrella Policy on top of it in order to get close to this.

What kind of auto insurance do you need to just cover the other vehicle in case of an accident?

So I’m assuming you don’t want coverage for harm to your vehicle if it were in an accident. Then your very likely just going to need Property Liability & Property Harm Coverage. You wouldn’t need to carry comprehensive or collision coverage. I’m from Michigan and we are a NO Fault Insurance state. So in my state most people call it PLPD. In Michigan, this is going to give you liability harm and property harm but no coverage for your vehicle itself. Usually states have minimum coverage that is mandatory. In Michigan, the state minimum is is 20,000 Bodily Injury per Person / 40,000 Bodily Injury Per Occurrence and Ten,000 Property Harm. The Bodily Injury covers injuries to the other party and the Property Harm covers the harm to the other person’s vehicle. You also are required to have PIP coverage in Michigan, which is Private Injury Protection which is unlimited. This coverage is your “Medical” coverage. Hope that helps…

Do you need individual insurance to drive a comerical vehicle?

No, you can get a commercial policy for a commercial vehicle. If it’s for a company you work for, I would make sure they had decent insurance before you drove the vehicle.

Do you have to pay to transfer your auto insurance to another vehicle?

No, this is an effortless process. You will just substitute the old vehicle with the fresh vehicle. The vehicle may cost more to insure, I would check with your agent to make sure.

Do you need car insurance if you do not own a vehicle but drive another persons vehicle?

You dont NEED insurance in that case you are covered under what is called ‘permissive use’ on the owners policy, permissive use does not mean you drive the vehicle frequently (not more than 10-20% of the time) but you have the permission to drive the vehicle from the holder/policyholder. You can get “Non Proprietor” insurance policies in some states that dont require you to actually own a vehicle, this is in SOME states and your driving record needs to be pretty nice looking but it is available.

What type of attorney do you need if your vehicle was hit an person did not have auto insurance?

An accident Attorney. Most accident attorneys however will not be interested in taking the case if they know the other party has no insuranceAgree- however, if YOU have insurance, you very likely do not need an attorney. YOUR insurance pays you under uninsured motorist coverage, and then the insurance company’s lawyer goes after them.

Will your auto insurance cover you if the vehicle you are driving has no insurance?

Umm… No… If your car has no insurance then then it doesn’t have anyone to cover it… That’s why you need insurance…

How much to charge someone for driving them to work or errands?

Assuming that your job and errands are less than 20 miles a day, Ten dollars a day would more than erase gas cost, and give your driver a duo of dollars.

What type of insurance do you need in order for anyone to be covered that drives that vehicle?

There is no such policy. All auto insurance contracts require disclosure and scheduling of all drivers for coverage.

If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?

Does comprehensive auto insurance pay off and substitute the vehicle in the event of auto theft?

Comprehensive is the coverage that would pay for the theft of a vehicle. The policy spells out the insurance companies options on payment. On any claim, the insurance company has the option to repair, substitute, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle in the event of any loss. Generally they do not substitute a vehicle but pay the actual cash value less your deductible then permit you to purchase a replacement vehicle. As a matter of utter disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Agency and have for the part 22 years. Before that I worked as an agent for a direct writer insurance company. As for the payoff of the loan on the vehicle, the insurance company will have to issue payment to the bank up to the amount owed on the vehicle. The amount they pay has nothing to do with the balance on the loan. If you owe less than the ACV then the balance will be paid to you. If you owe more than the ACV then you will have to pay the difference to the bank or finance company.

Do you need insurance to drive your car home from an auto auction?

If you are looking to drive a vehicle home as the winning bidder then the vehicle must be insured. All vehicles must be insured to drive legally on our roads.

What types of coverage do most drivers need for auto insurance?

This is not a question that someone can response for you over the internet. I recommend that you find a local Independent Insurance Agent that you can do business with. Very first you might want to educate yourself a little on what coverages are suggested in your state. This you can do on the net. Be fair with the agent concerning your driving record and claims history and anything else they ask. They will work with you to tailor the insurance to what you want and will quote several insurance companies to find the best rate and service. For utter disclosure, I own and operate a petite Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the Three years before that.

Will a auto insurance policy pay for routine vehicle repairs?

No – insurance is for unexpected and accidental harm. Routine repairs are considered maintenance and maintenance is not covered under any insurance policy.

Does your auto insurance pay if you vandalize a vehicle?

If you are asking whether your own insurer will pay damages to the possessor of a vehicle that you vandalize, the reaction is No. This is because insurance does not provide benefits for intentional acts. Instead, it applies to negligent (careless) acts. If you are asking whether auto insurance may pay for the repair of your car if it was vandalized by someone else, it may. An insurance called “comprehensive” coverage, that is usually sold in conjunction with collision coverage, will usually pay damages resulting from vandalism.

Can your teenage daughter drive your vehicle with out being on the auto insurance policy?

Not legally no. If your teenager resides with you and has a license or permit, They should be listed on your policy. If not, an accident or claim could be denied because the insurance company was not informed of this risk. This is sometimes referred to as “Fraud by Concealment” of a known driver. An insurer does not have to pay claims that arise from fraud. Insurers will often pay these types of claims not because the teenager was a covered driver, but rather under a Parental Negligence claim. Your auto insurance will pay claims that arise from negligence of the Insured. If you are a household resident family member or a regular operator then you are required to be scheduled on the policy for coverage.

What type of Auto insurance to you need for delivering groceries?

You will need to buy a commercial auto insurance policy for delivery services. Vehicles used for delivery or conveyance are not covered under your Individual Auto Insurance. Any accidents that occur while engaged in commercial activities are not covered under your individual auto policy.

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Do you need auto insurance if no one is driving the car?

If the car is on the owners property (rented property counts) NOAnywhere else, Yes

Where could someone find cheap auto insurance for a fresh vehicle?

Cheap auto insurance for a fresh vehicle can be found at Geico, Progressive, or State Farm. Depending on the age of the driver and their driving history, they can find good rates.

What types of vehicles is auto insurance required for?

Any Vehicle that is road worth must have insurance for at least liability. If the vehicle is not road worthy it does not have to have insurance but will not be covered for anything if someone were to harm it by fire or theft. Insurance may also differ from country to country.

Do you need auto insurance to practice driving on parking lot?

I’m not sure about the legality of the issue where you live but I would say anytime there is a chance of injuries or property harm of any kind you would need insurance.

Can i drive someone else’s vehicle that has no insurance on it but mine does?

You would very likely be insured for liability, but the car would not be insured for collision. However, to be sure, you should call your agent or read your policy.

How much do I pay someone to reimburse them for gas if they do an errand for me I am not an employer?

As of January 1, 2018, the United State General ServicesAdministration established a reimbursement rate of $0.535 per milefor a federal employee’s authorized use of their individual vehicleduring work. That’s a good place to commence.

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